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The computer world has experienced tremendous growth since the turn of the century. One notable advancement that has truly revolutionized the industry is cloud computing. As the name suggests, cloud computing involves the use of remote servers to store, manage and process data over the internet.

With the emergence of cloud computing platforms, you can now store, manage or share your files and documents without having to use physical storage devices such as pen drives, external hard disks, and flash disks.

With that said, Emload.com is one of the numerous cloud storage platforms that you should consider for your backup needs. This write-up highlights some of the reasons why you should consider acquiring an Emload premium account.

What is Emload.com?

Emload.com is a file hosting/cloud storage service that offers exceptional backup services. The platform provides its members (both free and premium) a wide range of tools that they can use to backup their files, including images, videos, documents, audio files and flash files. Apparently, one can use the available tools to upload, download and share files seamlessly in a secure manner.

Previously, Emload was exclusively a web hosting platform before re-branding to become a cloud storage company. This was after facing significant challenges working as a web host. Nevertheless, the tides have changed for the good, as the company has grown in leaps and bounds to become one of the most solid cloud storage platforms.

Supposedly, Uploaded has been around for about 5 years. The website belongs to a Swiss-based company known as Emload, with subsidiaries in the Netherlands and the United States.

Getting Started with Emload.com

Emload is a universal platform available to internet users around the world. Essentially, the website does not have any restrictions as far as signing is concerned. In fact, becoming a member is free and you can start uploading files as soon as you create your account. You just need to fill out your email address and enter your first and last name to register as a member. Emload will send you a password to your email, which you can use to activate your account.

User Interface

The Emload website has a very impressive user interface. The interface features an attractive design with well-arranged menus and easy to use features. Moreover, it is easily navigable, making it convenient for users to register, log in, upload files and download files.

Remarkably, the interface allows users to sync files with cloud. You may also synchronize your desktop using the uDrive client. What is more amazing is that you can also upload files from the home page without much fuss. However, these options are available to Emload premium account holders.

Another highlight about the user interface is that it is available in multiple languages, including English, German, French, Spanish and Turkish. You may choose your preferred language at the bottom right corner of the registration/login page.

How to Operate an Emload.com Account

Like in any other file hosting platform, operating your Emload account is simply a breeze. You do not require any advanced skills to upload, download or manage your files. The process is straightforward and you can start transferring your files as soon as you check-in into the member’s dashboard.

What is more remarkable is that Emload.com allows all members to access files from any device. In essence, Emload is accessible across various devices, including smartphones, tablets, laptops, and personal computers. The only requirement is that the device you opt to use must have access to stable internet connectivity.

Most importantly, Emload.com offers three methods for transferring files. These include:

Browser Upload

Browser upload is the easiest method of transferring files on this platform. All you have to do is to click the “upload” button on the homepage or at the top left of any web page to upload your files. When you click on this button, your browser will open a dialogue window that gives you the option to choose the files you want to upload.

File Transfer Protocol

File Transfer Protocol (FTP) is an advanced method of transferring files that involves the use of a particular program known as an FTP client. You have to install the client on your computer before you can start uploading files. Notably, FTP provides higher upload speeds, and for this reason, most experts recommend this method for transferring large files.

Remote Upload

Remote upload allows you to upload files from any location other than the localhost. In essence, you can send a link that instructs Uploaded to fetch your files from a remote location. This comes in handy particularly if your local host has a very slow internet connection.

Another way of uploading is by importing files via the Udrive client. Udrive is a special program by Emload.com that allows premium members to import large, heavy files quickly without any restrictions. Moreover, you may upload files from a remote location other than the localhost. What is more amazing is that this client program allows you to synchronize your Windows or Mac desktop seamlessly with Emload.com.

The process of downloading files is equally easy. Apparently, you may download files using Internet Download Manager (IDM) or by going straight to the download link generated by Emload.com. However, for one to use third-party software like IDM, you must have an Emload Premium Account.

Is Emload.com Safe?

Emload.com is 100% safe. Before re-branding, Emload.com had numerous problems ranging from piracy to copyright breaches. The firm owning the site had to pay thousands of dollars in fines for violating copyright laws.

Nevertheless, things have become better since the re-launch of Emload.com. The company has invested heavily in security to cut down on piracy and fraudulent activities. For instance, one cannot have multiple accounts at once. The company bans anyone found uploading pirated files or infringing on copyright laws. Moreover, Emload.com uses SSL encryption to secure your account and keep hackers at bay.

Help and Support

Cloud storage is not anything new. However, this technology has its fair share of challenges. In essence, you may experience various problems uploading and downloading your files, or even accessing your account.

The good news is that Emload.com has a very good help desk team that is readily available to answer your questions. You may contact customer service via a hotline number or email ticketing. Moreover, help desk services are available in four languages, including German, English, French, and Turkish. This makes it very easy for customers to communicate with the support staff in their preferred dialect.

Emload Free Membership

As mentioned earlier, Emload.com is free to join. Essentially, you can upload or download files without having to pay a dime. However, free membership comes with numerous restrictions. For instance, free registered users cannot use IDM to download files. Moreover, one cannot download multiple files at the same time if you are a free member.

As if that is not enough, the maximum backup space for free members is only 10 GB. This means that you cannot store files larger than 1 TB such as videos and multimedia files. The only reprieve is that you may purchase more space without necessarily upgrading your account. However, to avoid all these restrictions, it is advisable that you acquire an Emload Premium Account.

Emload Premium Account

emload premium features

Emload Premium does not have restrictions and it offers dozens of exceptional benefits. Some of the key features for premium members include:

Parallel downloads

You may download multiple files simultaneously

Unlimited backup space

Premium membership offers unlimited storage space

No waiting times

You can download files directly without having to wait or enter Captcha codes

Ad-free downloads

Premium membership does not have annoying ads or pop-ups

Full speed uploads and downloads

Emload premium offers its members fast upload and download speeds

Supports IDM

Emload.com supports third-party download managers including Internet Download Manager and Download Accelerator

Does Emload Premium have any downsides?

Despite the numerous benefits, Emload.com has a few drawbacks. One notable downside is that the Udrive feature tends to malfunction sometimes hence inconveniencing users. In addition, the platform does not specify the exact speeds available for uploads or downloads. Essentially, you may have to contend with very slow speeds when uploading or downloading files.

Emload Premium Account Rates

emload plans

Emload Premium has up to 6 different price plans. For every price plan you choose, Emload.com will credit your account with a set number of points. You may use these points to use premium features for a specified period. The Emload Premium Account price plans include


Emload.com offers good premium features ranging from parallel downloads to unlimited backup space. Apparently, you can store and manage as many files as you want so long as they comply with copyright laws. However, the platform still needs to make improvements if they are to compete with other similar file hosting platforms. Their download speeds are somehow average and the company is still grappling with issues revolving around piracy. That notwithstanding, Emload.com is still a solid choice as far as cloud storage is concerned.